Dear you;

This ones gonna be a little different. 🙂

To the people who are grieving;

I’m sorry for whoever or whatever you lost. I can’t imagine your pain. I encourage you to think of anything happy you remember of it. And realize that life will go on. Just go day by day. You’re strong and determined and your smile can’t be broken for too long. Stay beautiful darlings.

To the person who is nervous;

hey, it’ll be okay. Breathe. Think of your favorite smell, your favorite food, the smelll of your favorite meal. Ground yourself. You can do this, and you’ll do wonderful.

To the person who is depressed:

I get it. I do. But, despite the thousands of thoughts in your head, there are people out there that cares for you. Even if it’s the kid that sits next to you on the bus, your parents, or the person who smiles at you when you go to your locker. So hold on? Maybe not for you, but for them. If there is any chance you can Brighten someone’s day keep going. You are an inspiration, to me especially. You can do this, i believe in you!! So much!!

To people who are numb:

Yeah. That’s tough. Really is man. Have you tried looking at funny memes? Or artistically showing that pain? Because my friends, letting it out doesn’t have to leave a scar. Watch a tv show, get into it, write fan fiction, draw. Get into something. Take pictures of things that you care about. Hold onto the thinks that keep you sane. You will come out of this, and I love you.

I realize there are many more emotions out there, and I’m not trying to say these are more important than them. I was just trying to address the most negative. But, regardless of what you’re feeling; I believe in you! You can do the thing! I love you! ❤