Tears (because i cant think of a title)

“I am the sea, and nobody owns me.”- Pippi Longstocking

I mean honestly who didn’t want to be like Pippi Lonstocking as a kid? Like, I wanted to be reckless and/or brave and sometimes make stupid decisions that lead to fun stories. Speaking of stupid decisions, I’ve made a few recently. And don’t worry I didn’t go all hulk on anybody(or did i?). But I definitely said/did a lot of idiotic things. Now, I know you’re thinking ‘How did she get away with doing stupid things?’…. I didn’t. My dear friends yesterday the unthinkable happened, that’s right folks sheer horror. Have I got your attention? I GOT MY PHONE TAKEN AWAY( *insert those movie sound effects of dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaaa here*). So that’s probably why Im not texting any of y’all back. But I completely understand where my parents were coming from though, they just wan to protect me. And i get that, and so Im gonna follow their instructions and be the best I can. I’ve been having some trouble eating lately, and i’m now getting some help. Don’t worry humans, Im okay(repeat: I am OKAY). We’re thinking about taking me out of school and cyber schooling me. Which i’m okay with, ill miss people, but in the long run I think ill be a little healthier. I hope you all are doing well, I love you my favorite human. Hey! go check out Tears by Ellie Holcomb, its an amazing song about out perspective on the world.

-Liz ( my blogs are gonna be longer when I start to get better I Promise)