Tea and Talking about me

Quote of the week: She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.

-Ariana(no I do not know who this is, please don’t ask me)


Shhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I’M ACTUALLY POSTING. I could just blame it on school and say I was too busy, but honestly I was just tired and unmotivated. So how was everyone’s first two weeks of school(if this is when you start, I don’t pay attention to those things)? I hope it went wonderful, as far as school goes.  There was one day last week were I think I did everything wrong that I could have done. I only have few classes with my friends(that’s right, no Deric, no Olivia, no Elliot.No Aaliyah. No Nicole.  Its a nightmare). But other than that high school is cool. Lots more freedom, including listening to music in the hallways. That makes me feel so much more comfortable with music on, like I can be myself there. I love English class, I have the best teacher in there. She’s so nice, and she loves poetry and creative writing. I’ve made a couple of new friends, but none as good as my friends from last year (no offense guys, you’re pretty cool too). Someone asked when I was gonna post on my blog next today and that made me happy that they liked it so much. Cause literally all i’m doing is sitting here with tea and nutella toast and writing about my problems. Guys i’m getting sick (physically, I’m already pretty messed up mentally). Oh my goodness gracious its awful, I want to rip my throat out. I went to a football game on Friday(yeah I don’t know why I did, I hate football). but anyway once I got there I was a nervous wreck, De and I had to sit where no one was just to make me feel okay. So besides stress eating Rita’s mango Italian ice and arguing with De about whether I should come out of the bathroom or not, it was fun. I’m sorry that this post is so boring, I’m honestly not a very interesting person. Oh well, my mom thinks I’m amazing (love you too mother). My friend gave me a snickers bar at the game the other night, It was nice. I mean who wouldn’t want candy?(some people are crazy right). I know this is a short post, but at least its a post. This weeks song is Cruising bye lecrae. This song is about how life can be crazy, but there are still a lot of good things. Peace peoples!



Aha you thought I was done? Whoa you crazy. Actually you’re not crazy I am done I just wanted to trick you. lol i’m so funny. Also I want to see who all actually reads this part.