So i’m going to be adding some of the poems that I write here so you guys can read them if you want to. Enjoy! WordPress kinda messed with the spacing but whatever.


The Doubt

I feel like i’m on a ledge

Looking over a great decision

About to make my pledge

Alone with my great precision

You see my mind won’t stop

Oh truth be told I’m stuck

These thoughts that I so wish I could drop

But it seems I have not luck

Trapped in an endless race

Things that make me sit and pout

Always running from them at the same pace

Negativity and doubt

The fight

To feel anything at all

Oh how I would leap at the chance

Climb the building just to fall

Without even a second glance

It’s hard to stand up and fight 
When your mind tells you it’s not worth it 

It makes it difficult to find any light 

Nor even one chance to go near it 

I met someone one day
Who made me feel like dancing 

But then they walked away 

Not even glancing 

That hurts the worst 
When people tend to leave 

You feel like you might burst 

You might not ever believe 

But sometimes people surprise you
A simple how was your day

Can make your spirits brand new

It can change you in a different way

The sky 

For all my friends at the bottom 

Who feel like your grip is failing 

When it feels like to much to swallow 

You will keep on prevailing 
I know you will my dear 

For you are stronger than you believe 

You have nothing to fear

Don’t let the doubters deceive 
I wish that you see 

All that you are to me 

And how you embrace me like the sea

You make me feel so free
Oh don’t give in to it 

Nor hide away and cry 

For you have no reason to sit 

Alone by yourself, you must try 
You are so much more than pain and sorrow 

So much more than meets the eye

You never know what will happen tomorrow 

You might even reach the sky