Beware of holes in the floor

Hello wonderful human beings! Honestly I Haven’t been sleeping very well lately. I didn’t sleep till 12:38 last night, and Im tired of it( Ha see what I did there ‘tired of it’ ha i’m funny).  Last weekend we went on a trip to the beach, and let me just say I had a great time minus a few restless nights. On Friday we went to Cape May and just walked along the beach for a little bit( you can do really good pirouettes in the sand BTW).We then went shopping and I got a really, really yummy cookie(Oatmeal raisin, my favorite) and a shirt for school. It rained so much on saturday so we really couldn’t do much,then we played beat the parents Disney version. And let me just say I kicked my parents butts! My Dad kept bragging that he was gonna win, and look how that that turned out for him. Don’t challenge me on Disney, Having Olivia as your best friend has its advantages. I got a cold over the weekend so that stunk but it was still fun. You know, until I couldn’t sleep at night and felt claustrophobic. We slept in this tiny one roomed cabin for a weekend, my brother and I were on bunk beds while my human parents(yes I am an alien, I come in peace) slept on a full sized bed in the corner. At like 11 at night I knew I needed to get out of that room. You don’t think about anything except getting out if there at that point so when your parents hear the lock being turned and the wooden door scraping across the door, they tend to wonder if someone is trying to break in. I accidentally woke my dad up on the way out, he sat up not really knowing what was going on. So then I told him that I needed to go outside. Last time this happened I was out there for 2 hours till 2:30 in the morning. Sunday was really fun because we went to the beach and I loved it. The waves are beautiful, the sand is beautiful (until you get it in your hair and other annoying and unspeakable places).  The rest of the week has been pretty unproductive and very boring in my opinion. I have even resorted to writing poetry and let me just say I don’t write poetry, at all. So I have written a total of seven poems, and out of those I like two. My mom even suggested that I put one of them in my blog. I might just do that. But first my dear humans, let me explain the extravagant events of today, August 5th 2017. It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze (okay let me skip ahead so you don’t fall asleep).  So today we went to the church to paint the youth room. Well for the first hour it went pretty good. I started painting the wall a really pretty blue, then someone called my name and I turned around and step forward to see who it was. What I didn’t realize was that there was a hole in the floor( hence title, i’m so smart, no i’m not) that was only covered by a piece of wood. I stepped on the edge of the wood and it flew up and my foot flew down. I actually punched a hole with my foot though the church office ceiling and kicked a little bit of insulation down on the way. I’m not hurt, it was mostly just shock. I pretty much had a panic attack in front of like 5 people and my whole leg was sticking down a hole through a ceiling in my mom’s office. I was shaking so bad and I was begging my mom to not let me have a panic attack in front of them. Its so humiliating when you are on the ground curled up in a ball, crying and there is nothing you or anyone else can do. I had to leave and I felt awful about it. My friend Joy came out to talk to me and to see if I was doing okay, which was nice but if was hard to talk. Anyway it could have been worse but for me it was really scary and I couldn’t move after it happened. I feel so bad for the for other people who have to live and be around others with anxiety (okay I feel even more bad about the people who have it but you know what I mean). But to see someone not be able to go to a party, or even talk to their own friends. I would hate not being able to help. This weeks song is Unusual by Francesca Battistelli. This song is very fun to dance to, and it talks about how we are all different and that’s how we were made to be. Thank you all for reading! If you wanna read my poem I will post it after this!