How much is too much

Well, in my experience everything is, but that is not the point of this. I have a friend who is very high energy. She is perfectly fine with going to a sleepover, then going swimming, then getting lunch, then going home, then going out for dinner. I’m not like this at all, a sleepover is enough to tire me out(yes this does get annoying). So let me tell you a story about my past two days filled with lots and lots of activities(for me that is). So yesterday was Sunday so we went to church at 8:45 in the morning(why is church this early, I mean I know its important but like why). I then came home after church ended at about 1:00 in the afternoon, I then tried to get ready for my friend Elizabeth’s(again not her real name) surprise birthday party. I got her present finished up(it was Harry Potter themed, like what nerd wouldn’t love that, I know I would), and I picked out an outfit and did my makeup. Then I went to her party at 6:00. It was fun and Im pretty sure she enjoyed it. One of the best parts of that party was seeing Aaliyah(yes, the one who gives great hugs). I missed her so much, I’m so glad we became friends. The party lasted till 8:00 and then Mom came to pick me up. To be honest by then I was really tired but Olivia was coming over to have a sleepover. It was pretty cool, we talked and watched cheesy Disney movies. Then we went to sleep at 12:20(have I mentioned how much I love sleep its so amazing, without sleep I am a mess). We slept till 10:00 and then got ready for the day. My friends Elliot(not a real name) and Elise(this isn’t either) came over at like 12:00 or so(we haven’t seen them in forever so the first 2 hours were crazy, stealing things, and jumping on top of each other to see who would fall down). By then I was exhausted. I was starting to yell at everybody and get moody. So I had to chill out in my room for a little while and rest hoping to get a little energy. After that I came back to play with them and my little brother. Right now I feel sick(and I don’t know to do with myself). So in short that was TOO MUCH. I am exhausted right now and don’t feel good, so I’d say that I shouldn’t do that again. I need my space, and I have to realize that i’m not a bad friend for needing that. Its easy to think that you are neglecting your friends and then fall into this cycle of thinking awful thoughts. I don’t want to do that, but to be honest its really hard not to. This weeks song is Better by Britt Nicole. This songs hits really close for me and i enjoyed it a lot, it encouraged me a lot! Thank you for reading my friends!