Alone time 

Ok, so honestly parties aren’t exactly my thing. I will go to them when they are for my friends because I love them, but mostly I’m not a party person. Earlier this week my Mom threw my grandparents an anniversary party. Obviously there would be other family members there, which I was completely freaking out about. I don’t know my extended family very well, so it’s a little hard to interact with them(without them thinking I’m a total wacko). So I found a lot of comfort in hiding in the bathroom. Thankfully my cousin understood and hid in the bathroom with me. So those three hours consisted of a cycle of things: going into the bathroom to hide, my parents asking me to come socialize, socializing, eating food(which was very good, I swear I could have eaten all the meatballs), and more hiding in the bathroom. I was pretty hungry but I didn’t want to get up and go get more food because I didn’t want my extended family to think I’m weird. Which I mean everyone else was getting more food but I was gonna avoid it. You can’t imagine the relief that I felt after that party was over. I mean it turned out great, and I think they really liked it, it just was really stressful for me(and other people). Some of my aunts and uncles came over to my gram’s house after the party to talk and eat a little dinner. I honestly had a hard time with that idea because I just spent 4 hours talking to people(that’s a lie I probably spent a half hour hiding in the bathroom). I had to spend a lot of time alone because I’m a complete introvert. The difference between Extoverts and Introverts for those of you that don’t know is that extroverts get there energy from being around people and are very social. While introverts need to spend time alone to feel better and ready to face whatever challenge life might throw at them. Today my cousin and I went to see spider-man homecoming, and let me just say it was a good movie. I mean come on its Tom Holland people, how could it not be a good movie? All jokes aside I was glad to spend time with my cousin even if I had nausea the whole way through the movie. See my friend gollum(OCD, my counselor told me to name it), decided to pay me a visit. See I do these patterns with myself to make myself feel better. Thinks like clicking my feet together 2 times and tapping my fingers 4 times. So I did a lot a patterns during the movie, because I s nervous and felt like if I didn’t do them something bad would happen if I didn’t. Once I got home I was fine, but of course I needed time alone again, and I get that by blogging. I’m so thankful for you all and I’m very thankful to be able to have this outlet to express what I feel. This weeks song is Can you hold me by NF and Britt Nicole. This song is really good and is very emotional song about trust during hard times. Thank you!