When people who are neat say they have OCD it bothers me because, have you written 5 paragraphs and then erased them and rewrote them because it doesn’t look perfect to you? No? I didn’t think so. OCD is more than neatness, its an overwhelming thought that keeps playing over and over again in your head. Now i’m not saying you are a bad person for being neat, no way, great for you, i’m just saying its different. Imagine you are at a sleepover and your brain keeps telling you that you need to rearrange your friends dresser. Mine kicks in especially when i’m really nervous, I just randomly start fixing things. I’m pretty sure it drives my friends nuts, I really don’t care cause it makes me feel better, but I try to keep it in check around them. When I go to see my counselor, there is a waiting room with a table with magazines on it. Oh my word. Every time I walk in there, there are always laid open and not organized at all. It drives me crazy, i’m almost convinced they do it on purpose. Girls, you know that feeling when you think you left your straightener on? How you think about it for a few minutes and then forget about it? Yeah, my brain doesn’t forget, why I have no clue. If there’s one thing I hate its physical pain, I mean doesn’t everyone hate this… But like it freaks me out. One time I was at a church work night thing, and I was helping my friend Aaliyah (love this girl to death) stack up long pieces of plywood. My mind was telling me that I was going to get a splinter even though I really wasn’t because I was being extra careful. So i’m there checking my hand over and over again for splinters that I don’t even have. Before I was told about OCD I thought that everybody had these thoughts and it was completely normal. So I was pretty surprised. One thing that my Mom always remind me of is that OCD is not me, I will not be defined by the fact that I have OCD, Depression, or anxiety. I am Lizzy and I am stronger than my flaws. I saw a quote somewhere and I really liked it. It went like this: Life is tough, but darling so are you. I absolutely loved it. I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but i’m a little busy at the moment. I’m going to see my family in a different state, so its enough to worry about.  This weeks songs is Perfect by Tedashii, this is a great song about not judging people because you never know what they have been through. Thank you for reading my friends!