Work Week(ish)

This week our church had service days where we would go and do things to help others. On Wednesday our church went to a senior center and talked with the people who lived there and helped them with things they needed. Unfortunately, we decided that it was probably best if I didn’t go because of how talking to people was definitely in the description. It is really hard for me to talk to strangers because I feel like they are judging me and thinking i’m some sort of alien from outer space. Even though they are most likely not even thinking anything like that. From what I heard we blessed them very much and had fun while doing it. On Thursday we went to GAiN Warehouse, GAiN helps people in other countries get the food, Clothing, and Clean water that they need. Again I didn’t go to this, this was because I was told that there was a LOT of people there. Knowing me that wouldn’t end well . But I did go to the dinner that was at the church that night. That night something happened that almost made me cry (In a good way, I promise).  As soon as I got there a group of girls came out of the church and all gave me hugs. It was really nice, and I am very thankful for them. When I went into the church lobby all of the people in youth group came running out of the lobby and pretty much attacked me with hugs. Saying how much they missed me, and how they were glad I was there now. Including hedgehog (This is a nickname), who is one of my favorite people to hug for some reason. They had no idea that I needed that, that I was feeling like no one wanted me there anyway, the sure proved me wrong. Thank you guys! We spent the rest of the night telling stories about the days, watching a movie, and eating tacos. The next day was going to be the summit grove work weekend. I actually went to this one, although it had its own complications. The night before was awful, and I barley slept, but I wasn’t gonna bail on this. Friday went well for the most part, I worked pretty hard and wasn’t completely tired.  I did have one panic attack that day, I honestly don’t know why it happened, but it did. Thankfully my friend Olivia was there to hold my hand-quite literally, I wouldn’t be surprised if I suffocated her hand. That night was pretty bad, I couldn’t sleep very well and ended up only sleeping for 4 hours or so. Let me explain why, first off it was hot which I could stand, but I had this overwhelming sense that bugs were crawling up my skin. Also my friend OCD decided to make a visit, and being the people they are(this is not your problem guys, its mine) don’t have to organize everything before they go to bed. The next day was Saturday and we were going to being doing a lot of the same things as Friday. I had to leave early because I was having a hard time waking up and I probably wouldn’t be much help anyways. Its hard to not think that this is a failure, but I went and I worked. I hope I was a blessing to someone. I have decided that I will include songs at the end of my posts, also sorry I haven’t posted in a while but i’m trying not to make this a stressful thing for me. This weeks song is Island of the Misfit Toys by KJ-52 this is an amazing song and it really speaks to me.